Call for articles


All conference participants are invited to submit an article.

The article will be peer-reviewed before publication.

📅 Due for the submission:  will be updated in March

The maximum length of papers, including references and tables, is 3000 words. The manuscript should be submitted as MS-word format.  All pages including tables and figures should be numbered.

Articles should be written in concise and grammatically correct English. British or American English is accepted, but should be used consistently. Authors who do not have English as a native language are required to have their manuscript checked by native English speaker.

The title of the article and name, affiliation, and address of the author should be placed in a first page of the manuscript. This information will not be included in the review process (double blind peer-review process).

Please provide up to 5 Keywords.

Please be sure that the article has the following sections:

  • Introduction
    • (Goals, objectives, background, short literature survey or other appropriate information (project description).
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • References & Reference style
    • Citations in the text should be in the following forms: Larsson (2000), Smith and Johnson (1998), or (Smith, 1995), (Johnson et al., 1998), or (Downton, 1990; Smith, 1997, 1999).
    • References in the text should be listed in chronological order.