Welcome to excursions

Major site and content update 2016_04_15

➕ Added: The fresh new information about excursions

➕ Added: New menu on the right side “CONTACTS and HELP”, below the search box

➕ Added: New sharing buttons including Whatsapp and Telegram

🔧  Changed: Contacts item moved from the main menu to the right menu


Accommodation and visa forms published

Major content update 2016_04_07:

Added: New section  Visa & Accommodation with the new files.

Added: 🇷🇺  Новый раздел с формами бронирования гостиницы и трансфера.

🔧 Changed: Call for abstracts section moved from main menu. Now it is a subitem in menu under Announcement.

We look forward to seeing you in St.-Petersburg soon!